leather and studs

November 7, 2008

My boyfriend lent me his manly 'wrist straps' (not bracelets!- apparently) a little while ago. I don't think he's going to see them again. *gleeful cackle* These will become an excellent addition to my wardrobe...

All of you seemed to adore those boots in my last post - would it surprise you to know that they were styled off a Jessica Simpson Collection design? Whodathunkit.

My exams have gone well so far - in the sense that I have turned up to all of them ha! My last one is on Monday. My boyfriend will be getting a new digital SLR camera soon too so am super excited about it!

Studded cuff & leather strap; Hallensteins. Belt; vintage. Shorts; supre.

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Dakota77 wrote:

Nice, you are a rocker chic!:-)

styledigger wrote:

You boyfried must be very stylish:)

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