November 7, 2008

YES! Am done with exams - going out tonight to celebrate!

Dress; modified Glassons.

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ana b. wrote:

congrats! love these photos. they are beautiful.

Bella wrote:

Gorgeous!!! Honey, you're stunning and just look at the luminous skyline behind you in these photos! It's incredible!

And yes, of course... let's definitely swap links!

♥ fashion chalet wrote:

LOVE those heels. Fierce, lady! ;)

ana b. wrote:

Marcella! I have passed a blog award on to you. The post is on my blog. You can now award it to five of your favourite blogs with a note on why you like their blog xx

Sha wrote:

Photographs are breathtaking!

And that's one cool belt - hard to find nice belts with zippers tsk.

♥ fashion chalet wrote:

yay for shared great taste in boots. :)

Your blog is a source of inspiration!

Kira Fashion wrote:

Love your pictures, really classy and fabulous!

a kiss,
see you,


♥ fashion chalet wrote:

Thanks :) linked you back into my "Dailies"

Anonymous wrote:

Glassons?? Yay, another NZ blogger! I always get scarily excited when that happens...

Thanks to your last post, I'll definitely be checking Hallensteins out for a studded cuff!

jaleh wrote:

oh wow i love the shoes and the dress. amazing outfit!

Dakota77 wrote:

The pics are beatiful as alway! I love the stylish simplicity of the outfit.

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