November 14, 2008

I went thrift shopping with my boyfriend today. Great fun seeing as we managed to pick out some awesome finds which he bought for me - including a black blazer, sequinned capelet, and belts which I am just dying to post up! Wearing this jumpsuit was really not the smartest thing to do (note to self: One piece = HIGHLY impractical) but then when am I ever practical?

Hmmm yeah, never.

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pumps & luiers wrote:

That is so something for me - I always use clothes that some how aren't right for the occasion - but hey at least we look great!


Oh my gosh, you make me wanna wear a jumpsuit like yours with my same boots. Yet, I do not own one. :(

LOVELY LOVELY CHIC, as always, you are totally ROCKING out the look! :)

saray wrote:

such a great outfit!
I love that jumper on you..

styledigger wrote:

I always do this mistake: jumpsuits, dresses with buttons, clutches, high heels- thats the worst things that you can choose for thrifting:) I LOVE your jumpsuit, it's amazing, even if not the best for thrifiting;)

Miranda wrote:

saw you on the web fashion awards site haha :)
you have nice style!!

Unknown wrote:

I agree the jumpsuit is not the friendliest shopping outfit! To be frank, when you have to go to the ladies in a jumpsuit, I'm very conscious that you have to do your stuff basically *ahem* naked when you're wearin a jumpsuit! LOL. Isn't it terrible. Can't wait to see the buys!

Bella Harris wrote:

You look so amazing, I think you could probably wear this everyday!! LOL

I adore those boots too!


Rosanna wrote:

i wanted those boots!!! seeing it on you makes me want it more!

shopruche.com wrote:

I just found your blog and I LOVE your outfits. This jumpsuit looks great on you. You can definitely pull off anything!

i devour fashion wrote:

ha!ha!ha! you cracked me up! i wore mine travelling...just imagine the drill i had to get into each time nature calls...

i'm adding you now in my blogroll, Marcella! =)

Anonymous wrote:


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