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November 19, 2008

The kind of things I would buy if I was a rich girl... which incidently, doesn't look very likely to be anytime soon since the job I'm applying for is totally giving me the run around - had two interviews + a "trial hour" of working and they STILL haven't made up their mind yet. Très frustrating to say the least. My precious $$$ earning time is whittling away... am thinking maybe I should take your advice, V.

< /end rant> Yes anyhow, point is I must get job soon - suffering from major spending withdrawal right now. Haven't acquired anything pretty in a long time. *pout* Those shoes look sooo good...

On a random note, had no idea I was featured here!

The polyvore items: Ombre tank, La Garçonne. Sheer blouse, Shoes, Topshop. Handbag, vintage Chanel 2.55. Sunglasses, Carrera. Leather skirt, Maison Martin Margiela.

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love the adds, amazing heels and transparencies :)

a kiss!!!


yay me too, way to go WFA! :)

Anonymous wrote:

I've been craving those Predator heels for ages. Yum. Why can't we have Topshop in NZ??

Unknown wrote:

You totally deserve to be featured there!

Yeah I know, I couldn't believe how much applying I had to do before getting this job. They called you for a trial I'm pretty sure you're gonna get it though :)

I'm in love with those Chanel aviators too & that layered necklace..

Miranda wrote:

lovee your picks :)
where is that overdyed tank from?
and those shoes<3
i'm going to own a chanel bag one day ;)
hope you get the job asap

Unknown wrote:

I can just imagine you working these picks to death, girl! Oh the chains on the chanel and the bracelet. Swoon!

Bella Harris wrote:

Congrats on the WFA!!!!

And this fashion creation is lustful, serioulsy lustful!!!!

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