November 20, 2008

I found the coveted white tee at last! At Supre, no less. Granted, I had to brave the hordes of teenies and their pretentious mothers, who deep down inside are desperately hoping some inkling of youth will rub off on them by being in Supre, literally waded through a seafloor of clothes enough for all of Africa (Supre's idea of a sale), and potentially suffered long term damage to my hearing while browsing near the strategically well placed speakers, BUT in the end: it was worth it. I regret not having a better of shot of it here in these photos, there's actually a cute little breast pocket which you can't see underneath the blazer. I shall have to remember for next time.

In other news, I bought a leather jacket off eBay! Now that the haze of satisfaction and frenzied high is clearing, I am appalled to recall that I slapped it on my credit card. Which held all the funds for my survival this summer holiday.

Oh god, I better go find a nice cardboard box.

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Unknown wrote:

You always leave the sweetest comments, Marcella. I am almost positive you do not look like a bum on the days you don't post your outfit. I am indiscriminate when it comes to my outfit posts - i almost think it is more honest to show my boring outfits as well as my better ones. And I really enjoy blogging. I think that's why I commit so much of my off-time to it.

Oh you look so wonderful! I love the little short suit with the tee, studs and gold. It's a wonderful mash of 80s punk crossed with lady who lunches. Get it, girl!


Another great pair!!! :D

Love the blazer, too.

Shoes fetish is a great way of putting it. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? Yep, you guessed it; shoe shopping... ;)



fantastic style! I love your blazer and the sunglasses, i need to buy some of those!

a kiss :)

Anonymous wrote:

Haha, many of my basics come from Supre. I always leave feeling somewhat tainted... But they'e cheap and they do make great tees.

Can't wait to see the leather jacket! And love your blazer!

P.S. How do you take your photos? Does someone take them for you, or do you use a tripod? The always look amazing.

Bella Harris wrote:

Classic beauty! I adore the blazer/white tee combination... it just always seems to work!
Especially with those heels!

And I'm dying to see this infamous leather jacket that's sending you into a cardboard world!

Oh, sweetie I hope not! lol

jaleh behtash wrote:

you look seriously chic. i love everything about this outfit and you pull it off wonderfully!

pumps & luiers wrote:

love your shoes- your look is always perfect

Dallas Shaw wrote:

too cold to wear that here but it looks great

Mimi wrote:

Awesome outfit.Your photos are very professional.

Anonymous wrote:

beautiful outfit. i love your hair color too!

La C

Zoë wrote:

love this look and those shoes are stunning. after satc i see them everywhere but yet they still remain AMAZING

Miranda wrote:

i keep my savings in a cardboard box :)
it's no biggie! hahaha
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. it's so chic and simple. glad you found your white tee :)
you have the nicest legs btw haha

j. wrote:

Your outfit is love~ the blazer.. and the color (or lack of it) is just wonderful! :-)

TheMinx wrote:

wonderful outfit, it's so so sharp :) On another note, I own the ruffled top in your sidebar (Topshop right?) Except in mint green. It's a pretty fun peice to wear, I'm not gonna lie. I hope you get it, I know you'll style it fabulously!

Charmaine Li wrote:

love the outfitt and the way you accessorized simple but with a twist!

Jessie wrote:

Haha oh dear, I want to get started on eBay too but I'm scared that I'll spend too much too!
Eek I so know what you mean about the Supre music and fake mums and jazz. I work next door to it and I'm just so thankful for soundproof walls!
And those studded cuffs are so rad!!!! I saw some in the Warehouse similar to yours and I was going to get them but they were too big =(
Oh and I thought I'd drop a comment after seeing heaps of your comments on V's blog! =)

Anonymous wrote:


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