November 28, 2008

For some obscure reason, it never occurred to us that rather than making extraneous excursions out to find some new exotic locations for photos, the garden outside the house was actually pretty damn ideal. The boyf and I only had to look to his frontyard for plenty of props and lush scenery, with the only downside being the occasional need to duck under the hedges while the neighbours passed by walking their dogs. Dressing up to the nines right outside your house and trying to climb swings in heels is hardly normal behaviour.

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jaleh behtash wrote:

you are so, so pretty and these photos are wonderful. they make me want to photograph in my backyard, although it isn't nearly as pretty as yours :)

ambiquitous wrote:

great pictures, i love that headband, so darling :)

Bella Harris wrote:

You look so lovely... I adore the red stain and of course the shoes!!

And the Bird of Paradise is amazing!!!


Song of Style wrote:

call it a professional photoshoot.
i am soo amazed.

Unknown wrote:

Oh the tire swing you have in your jardin(!) is fabulous! I too like to wander around gardens in heels and a dress, climbing trees and generally dragging my feet in mud. Lovely as always, Marcella! Once again, those heels are sick!!!

Vertiginoso wrote:

The last picture is very mesmerizing, such a subtle "hand to hand " with a luxuriant Nature !!!
ps: Merci infiniment pour ton commentaire, ton Français est franchement impeccable !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine


Fantastic photos!
Your shoes are fantastic! All of them!!!
Foverer 21 is great!

a kiss girl!


OMG... the dress.. the shoes.. YOU.

Simply put; GORGEOUS! :)


Angela wrote:

Ahh your pictures are so crisp and fresh!!

You are beautiful and your style is DIVINE!!



Jaime Jun wrote:

aww this is so pretty! and i love your red lipstick, it adds a nice touch to your outfit :)

Shes Dressing Up wrote:

Great photos!
Love your shoes, and that headband

Miranda wrote:

you are beautiful
and these photos are AMAZING
are you using a different camera?
perhaps the scenery is the biggest difference
regardless, wonderful<3

Anonymous wrote:

I still adore that cuff!

These photos are beautiful! You're right - the garden is the perfect location.

And I agree with Cotton On getting better. I bought my bandage skirt last summer for all of $12. Possibly the best purchase I've ever made!

Chopstick wrote:

hiya marcella, it's been a while since i commented, but i check back in here everyday like clockwork to see your new amazing photos! where do you get all your heels from? i definitely wanna know! they're GORGEOUS!

Charmaine Li wrote:

beautiful photos! love those shoesss and headwear!

Nemerae wrote:

Nice dress.. and stunning shoes!! :)


Aw, your warm comment in my blog really made my day!!! About my article/interview! Thank you, darling! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I always enjoy your photos. <3



Fashionstyle wrote:

So beautiful pictures !! And style...

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