ankle zip jeans

October 4, 2008

What better place to prance around in my skinniest skinny jeans than Newmarket? Contemplated getting this sweet pyramid studded cuff from Hallensteins to go with this outfit but was not willing to part with the $17.99 then. Feel perhaps that maybe I should have just given in so I can stop thinking about it now. Is there such a thing as reverse buyer's remorse?

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ALISON wrote:

adore shoes, and the zipper jeans. your looks are always just so crowded but together. i wish i could pull that off more.

Eeli wrote:

Hello! And lol me and Beckett are FULLY inseperable like glued by his wings inseperable!

can completely relat to uni bs. I am in amoungst the worst kind right now: EXAM PREP aaaaargh.

I like ze zipper pants VERY MUCH aswell as those shoes! You must stick out like a sore thumb in Auckland a very beautiful sore thumb) hahaha. And yes i am a Hurricanes groupie but living in Crusader land right now :P

Unknown wrote:

i confirm there IS such a thing!! :P

oh & i want a studded cuff too! I'm obsessing (just like every other blogger it seems) over Kate Lamphear's accesories! this woman is too much!

pumps & luiers wrote:

Wow - killerheels !

Hunter wrote:

the "reverse buyer's remorse" happens a lot with me. i usually have to ponder before getting an item and then i'm haunted by it, when i don't end up buying it. by the way, love the heels.

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