under the cherry tree

September 26, 2008

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Unknown wrote:

ohh this dress is beautiful!! very spring-y!

Was this taken by any chance in albert park?


Marcella wrote:

Yup pretty Albert Park! Was my boyfriend's graduation that day :)

Eeli wrote:

Mracella dear! I put on makeup and cannot look that good haha. Seriously.

Anyway i just read your comments above and Albert Park look so pretty. I'll have to pencil that in for when i travel up to Aucks.

Pretty outfit you have on aswell

Chopstick wrote:

eee! that dress is GORGEOUS :) i want one too. :D

pumps & luiers wrote:

Thanx: and yes fall is starting, allthough we have so nice sunny days too!

The pics are so pretty, gorgeous!

Louise wrote:

Cherry blossoms are so pretty, lovely photos!

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