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September 17, 2008

Not much of an interesting outfit today, just thought I'd debut my new boots, which I have so wisely purchased at the end of winter. They're a takeoff of the Minnetonka moccasin style of course. I seem to be really into fringe right now... hmmm I sense a pair of fringe sandals sneaking their way into my wardrobe very soon.

Halter top, Temt. Tank (worn underneath) & skirt, Supre. Cap, Glassons. Boots, thrifted.

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Unknown wrote:

omg you thrifted them?? where?

i wanted those kind of boots too, but the only places i could find them were in the asian shops in town, but then they were almost as expensive as the real minnetonkas!

hah, you're so lucky ;)

Eeli wrote:

Oh Marcella, you always say that your outfits aren't interesting but they are :) The ruching on the top, the fraying on your boots, the stitching on your dress, the incrredibly straightness of your hair... well you get the message now right? :P

Btw, i singed the ends of the rope with a lighter. try it! It works surprisingly well. It pays to put some discrete pins in amoungst the belts' length aswell :)

I adore my mirror too and yeah we can be regal-mirror buddies now lol. I thinnk the groups at 3 atm.

Sorry for the long post but it really was necessary my dear :)

Have a fun day at uni :)

pumps & luiers wrote:

Love the combination: the top in that skirt is just great!

Wendy wrote:

Now I so want a pair of fringe boots.

Eeli wrote:


I know!!! Ironically my hair is naturally wavy but when brush it, my hair goes straight! Its better for it but it doesn't look as sexy :P I'm glad you don't singe your hair off lol, that may prove to be a difficult look to pull off!

That Sambuca accessory is probably the best i have used! Just WAIT till you see the absinthe shots!

Sorry for the double-post but i will have to do until you post another missy :P

ALISON wrote:

i adore that top, and your boots. wow.

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