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September 24, 2008

Lee supatubes, $39. (SOLD)

Floral chiffon skirt, $19.

Vintage sequin embellished cami, $10.

Denim hotpants, $25.

Tall Roman sandals, $55.

Gladiator sandals, $49.

As promised, part 3 of my spring cleanout has begun, in what I hope will be the last humungous bulk lot. I have cleared out sufficient space in my closet to justify the obtaining of shiny new things *muahaha*. Apart from what's photographed above, I also have a Guess bag, a rather vixenish bustier dress, and a sparkly sparkly sequinned harness dress up for sale too. Go check them out.

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ALISON wrote:

LOVEEEEE everything, but that cream skirt is my favourite. i'm gonna go try knock one up. the gladiators are adorable too. www.thedailyalygator.blogspot.com

pumps & luiers wrote:

Yet again: great outfits!

by the way i added your link

Louise wrote:

Yea, where did that sweet tulip skirt come from? Do you have much luck with Trademe? I attempted to sell some things recently and ended up having a handbag go for $1.50, so given up there. Beautiful photos though, if only I could train my husband to take good fashion shots...

..... wrote:

it looks like givenchy !! fierce and chic !! i love it !! thanks

Unknown wrote:

ohh you always have beautiful things!! :) do you have those gladiator sandals in smaller sizes?

p.s added you as a favourite seller on tm! ;)

Eeli wrote:

Why thankyou Marcella! I cannot get past right now how fricken beautiful you are my dear. You must tell me where you got the floral skirt of yours and so damn cheap! So cute and so NOT FAIR!!!

You look wonderful in all these pics. I don't really need to say anything else :)

eatenbymachinery wrote:

your selection is godly!

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