September 12, 2008

I uum-ed and aah-ed over this bag for ages and finally decided to get it yesterday fearing that the last one would sell and be forever gone from my grasp. Of course, I went past the store today and saw they got a whole bunch of new ones in on the shelf. In a better colour.

Hmmm... curse you Strandbags.

Blazer & belt, vintage. Top & skirt, Supre. Shoes, Glaze. Chain necklace, f21. Cross necklace, Farmers. Bag, Strandbags.

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Eeli wrote:

OMG what a beautiful post you've made today Marcella. Areyou a photog student because you've manipulated these beautifully :)

Anyway i wanted to say that i really like your layering combination of your necklaces and that i share those very same sentiments that you do (your comment on one of my posts) *sigh* We're not completely doomed right? hehe :)

The bag that you did find looks like a mighty nice find regardless hun. Strandbags you say? Methinks i'll make a mosie into the local shop tomorrow arvo lol

Ciao bella :) Btw i do hope your test went fairly alright for ya!

Jadore-Fashion wrote:

love the necklace, well put together outfit! and nice blazer--awesome color ;)

ps: thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment :)

choppyshades wrote:

that bag is amazing!!!
i'm still looking for the perfect fringe bag. and i know it's coming.

pumps & luiers wrote:


You look great, love the necklaces!


ALISON wrote:

i aodre everything about this ensemble, your shoes & the blazer & the glasses. lovely.

Louise wrote:

I love these photos, the focus and the lighting, do you do a lot of photography or was this just a really lucky shoot? Do you live in the house? Because it looks so lovely with all that white weatherboard and french doors, I am extremely envious. Where in New Zealand are you?

Marcella wrote:

Louise - thanks for your lovely comment. This shoot was most probably lucky as I had no one to take photos for me that day so I ended up propping the camera on the deck table and hoping for the best! The place is my boyfriend's house, gorgeous with lots of character as you picked up on :) (I'm up in Auckland by the way)

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