September 14, 2008

Dress & Belt, Supre. Vest, Valleygirl. Shoes, Glaze.

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yixin wrote:

Hey! I would just like to say i love your fashion sense! all the pics u post are so my style. I'm still way behind in the fashion world but i must say you're a star for all he outfits you pulled off on yourself! i recently just bought a supre short summer dress with the same exact orangey pink colour as yours!. only thing, i dun have a denim vest. lol. but thanks for the inspiration! also, just 2 days ago, i bought a black pleated dress which look almost exacly like your black pleated skirt. hehe. keep up the good work!! :)

Marcella wrote:

Thanks for your lovely comments, Yixin! I'm so flattered you like my outfits :) Sounds like you have good taste too from all the stuff you've picked out!

Anonymous wrote:

totally agree.. you look amazing. :) loving the blog!! I wish there were more kiwi blogs!

Chopstick wrote:

Hiya~ thanks for the white shorts, i love them! also, just wanted to say the little peachy dress you're wearing in this post is so cute!! :)

Wendy wrote:

Ah really love your style and blog.

pumps & luiers wrote:

Wow, the vest with the dress are so great together!

..... wrote:

yeah you're so stylish !! i love it

rg. wrote:

loving the color combo here

Anonymous wrote:

That colour is beautiful! And you have such gorgeous pics!

Eeli wrote:

Ah Marcella, this is a lovely outfit :) Us NZ'ers must sticj together ya know :P CUTE!

ALISON wrote:

I HAVE THAT DRESS :) in blue though.

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